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Here are two pieces out of many that I have finished recently.  I am busy as a bee getting ready for the Washington Fine Arts Fair this weekend.  Above is a smaller diameter viking knit bracelet I have been developing.  I make quite a number of these in copper due to the very low cost of the copper wire and then when I am certain how many feet of what gauge wire I want to use I make them in silver.  This bracelet has metal clay based caps and toggle clasp.  The hand lampworked glass bead is by Ellen Dooley and includes fine silver dots strung on the surface.  Below is a butterfly pendant I made a couple of weeks ago or so and had not had time to photograph until now.  It came out with a lovely patina very reminiscent of a monarch butterfly and I am so pleased.  A few people have seen it and the response has been very positive.  Butterflies really capture people’s imagination.  I hope to get time to work on more butterfly related projects.  Still on my bench today are a floral and leaf pendant and an Egyptian hieroglyphics pendant entitled Cracked Tablet.  There is a decent chance that both of those could be with me at Washington.  I hope to see many of you there!



In the wake of the madness of Junction City I am finding a delightful sense of serenity. I met so many wonderful people. The volunteers at the fair were super helpful and nice. The other artists were warm and welcoming. The fair goers were fun to talk to. It was just simply a great experience.

Yesterday I went over to Lakeview Museum to return my jewelry to the case in the gift shop. We went through the group of items we had agreed upon before and found it had seriously dwindled over the weekend!  Together we picked out another set of items including some bracelets and the Amulet for Personal Growth.  One thing I have noticed, Katie from Lakeview always picks out my very most favorite items to place into her case.

Today I selected photos to send off for the Washington Fine Arts Festival jury process. That fair is in August. As soon as I hear back from them I will add it to my calendar.

I do have my work cut out for me in preparation for Rhapsody in Bloom (June 26th and 27th) so I had best get back into my studio and start creating again.