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Here are two pieces out of many that I have finished recently.  I am busy as a bee getting ready for the Washington Fine Arts Fair this weekend.  Above is a smaller diameter viking knit bracelet I have been developing.  I make quite a number of these in copper due to the very low cost of the copper wire and then when I am certain how many feet of what gauge wire I want to use I make them in silver.  This bracelet has metal clay based caps and toggle clasp.  The hand lampworked glass bead is by Ellen Dooley and includes fine silver dots strung on the surface.  Below is a butterfly pendant I made a couple of weeks ago or so and had not had time to photograph until now.  It came out with a lovely patina very reminiscent of a monarch butterfly and I am so pleased.  A few people have seen it and the response has been very positive.  Butterflies really capture people’s imagination.  I hope to get time to work on more butterfly related projects.  Still on my bench today are a floral and leaf pendant and an Egyptian hieroglyphics pendant entitled Cracked Tablet.  There is a decent chance that both of those could be with me at Washington.  I hope to see many of you there!





I took some nicer pictures of the Open Box with Flower Necklace today.  The previous shot that I posted was done in a rush and I was not completely satisfied with the quality of the photo.  Today I took this necklace down to the Peoria Art Guild to submit it for the member’s show they will be having starting next week.  The show has an opening reception on the 8th and runs through sometime in August.

I have been doing quite a bit with viking knit over the past few days and I am almost ready to order a whole lot of sterling wire to make a new style of viking knit bracelet and possibly a larger piece.



I have put together a lovely box bead with a flower blooming out from the window in the top of the box.  The necklace contains two sections of argentium sterling silver viking knit with fine silver end caps and toggle clasp.  The clasp matches the box very well and the whole piece has a pleasing weight and feel when worn.  This piece comes together just in time for the Rhapsody in Bloom Art Fair at Luthy Botanical Gardens this weekend.  Please consider coming out if you are in the Peoria area.  The gardens are such a luscious location for an art fair.

Lakeview Museum is doing a demonstration day event on Saturday December 18th from 10 am to 4 pm.  I will be setting up a table in the lobby as part of this event.  You do not have to pay admission to the museum to stop by and watch various artists perform their crafts.  There will be several demonstrations going on during the event and you can purchase both from the gift shop and from work artists will have set up there.  I will be doing some viking knit and other wire weaving demonstrations.  I cannot demonstrate working with metal clay because of the short working time of the material but I will have some photos of the process.  Questions are always welcome.  This will be the last holiday event I am going to present fine silver jewelry at for this holiday season.

I made some viking knit bracelets to bring to the ci|creative fair last weekend.  Seems to me it is less than obvious how it was done when you look at the finished product.  The process shot I include here shows some steps in the making of the bracelet.  Around the outside is a bit of argentium wire left over from the bracelets.  On the right hand side is a big open tube with red ends.  That is the way the bracelet looks right after it is woven.  The red ends are copper wire added because the process of compressing will likely ruin the wire on the ends and copper is quite cheap when compared to silver.  This bracelet is tapered, so the wire changes from 24 gauge to 19 and back to 24 gauge.  The way my husband and I proceeded from the open looking tube to get to the item in the center involves a bit of pulling on both ends and a bit of beating with a hunk of wood.  Once it is satisfyingly dense, you can’t see through it any longer, the copper scrap wire is trimmed away.  Because the silver work hardened it had been annealed a few times and was tarnished.  A trip to the pickle bath removed all the black.  End caps and some wire wrap to add the fasteners finish off the bracelet.  I used liver of sulfur to patina one and left one bright.  The finished bracelet in this shot is the oxidized one.vikingknitprocess