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This weekend is Mother’s Day weekend.  As usual, the Peoria Heights Art Fair is on Saturday along with Race for the Cure.  I hope to see all of you local folks there!  I have some lovely goodies I am in the process of photographing so check back over the next couple of days for that also!


earinenvelopeI will be displaying my work at Ear in the Envelope Friday May 3rd from 6pm to 9pm.  Ear in the Envelope is located at 820 SW Adams St, Peoria 61602, Enter through the Alley from Adams to Oak St to May St.  Liz Barnes, owner of Ear in the Envelope, has invited a number of jewelry artists for this First Friday event.  There will be nibblies and live music as well.  Come join us for a lovely evening!  I have quite a number of new items to show you when you stop by!

I updated my gallery and upcoming events pages.  Lakeview Museum Store is currently relinquishing all local artist holdings in preparation of its big move to the Riverfront location.  I will renew this relationship when they reopen in the fall.

I will be at the Moss Avenue Sale on Saturday from 8am to 3pm.  I have been exploring some new techniques recently and am working furiously to finish up a number of pieces in time for this event.  I have been etching hand drawn patterns on copper.  Also, I have made a number of bimetal pieces with steel and bronze.  I am very excited to work on new processes and hope to show you pictures very soon!

This weekend I will be at Luthy Botanical Garden from 10am to 5pm Saturday and from 12pm to 5pm on Sunday.  Please come out and see all the lovely art on display there.  The earrings above have the most beautiful patina.

Leaf and Twig Box with Pearl

Tower Park was lovely.  The weatherman called for cool and breezy with rain. but we got lovely warm sunshine.  It was perfect weather for the fair and also for the race for the cure.  I so enjoyed meeting new people and seeing friendly faces from last year as well.  It certainly is gratifying to see people wearing my work.

I did indeed finish this lovely Leaf and Twig Box with Pearl pendant and am very pleased with it.

The UPS delivery person just left a package on the doorstep with metal clay.  I was pretty much out of metal clay so I am ever so happy to see the package!

Leaf and Twig Box in greenware state

I am finishing up my preparations for the Peoria Heights Art Fair this Saturday.  The pendant pictured above is unfired and almost ready to go into the kiln.  It gets to take that trip solo as I already fired a whole batch of other things two days ago when this piece was just two leafy pieces.  The hole with the wire jutting up through it is going to be the seat of a lovely pearl.  This piece sees my metal clay stash diminished to about 5 grams.  I made the bail and its stem from clay that had been cut away from other projects and saved.  I keep this package of clay that is labeled “used”  and if I need something that is textured but not a lot else is done with it then it usually works just the same as brand new clay.

I suspect this box will be ready late enough at night that I might not be able to show you pictures before tomorrow morning.  I hope to see some of you tomorrow at Tower Park.  Keep your fingers crossed for weather like we are having right now!

This Sunday there is a great art fair at the Cornerstone building downtown.  I will be there with bells on.  There will be 45 artists showcasing a very diverse offering of art.  There will be food available on site.  The Cornerstone is an incredibly beautiful old building with stained glass windows.  So do come out and take a look.

Ring number 9 for the Flickr group challenge “Ring a Week” is entitled Floating Blossom ring.  The ring is all fine silver and has a lovely multicolor patina on the face.  I find myself slipping behind a bit on the rings right now due to a maelstrom of personal life issues.  Everything is fine right now though so I will work on catching up next.  The first art fair of my season is this Saturday, the Spring Bloom fair at the Bloomington Sale Barn.  It will be really nice to be inside what with the chilly temperatures of this week.  I have so many things sitting on my bench that should go into the kiln tomorrow or maybe tonight if things go well.  It is very exciting to get back in the swing of doing art fairs again.


I need to spend some time updating my upcoming shows page because I have gotten some further confirmations for more shows.  In brief, I was accepted for the Elmhurst Fine Art Fair show (this is a Chicago area show) and also the Elmwood Strawberry Festival show (this is a small town about a half hour from Peoria, they were decimated by a tornado last year and are very excited to show off how well the rebuilding effort has gone).  But first things first, I need to get back into my studio and put finishing touches on a kiln full of items!

I have updated my upcoming shows page.  I added the 4th Fridays event on the boardwalk at the Junction City Mall.  This year the event will be 4 months long instead of 3.  I understand the event will be bigger in pretty much every way.  There will be artists on all sides of the mall this time and all 4 months will have a car show event tied to it.  I also found out that a photo I submitted has been chosen for use in the advertising of the event!  This is a first for me and I am quite excited.


I have a number of art fair applications on my desk beside me.  Several are for fairs I did last year.  I call those the comfy fit fairs.  I feel confident when I choose pictures and fill out the forms.  They accepted me last year and both my jewelry and my photos are nicer than at this time last year.  the chances of being accepted are darned good!  So I have been thinking about my business and its growth.  I want to stretch a bit each year.  I want to feel less confident about my chances so that I know that getting in to a fair means something.  I want to know that a fair might not have accepted me last year but did this year.  I am truly seeking the “in by the skin of your teeth” experience here.  I want to be the new kid on the block.  I want to stick my foot in the door as it is closing, not because I apply late mind you.  Last year I felt like being accepted to the Junction City art fair was that experience.  Competition was stiff, I knew people who make very nice things that were not accepted.  It was a great fair as well.  They are not holding that fair this year due to construction at the Junction City Mall  So where do I go from here.

I spoke at length to Tom Gross at the PAG holiday fair.  Tom paints great stuff, take a look over at his site.  He recommended some fairs to me.  After much soul searching I have decided to apply to the Elmhurst Museum Art in the Park event in Chicago.  I am also seriously considering appling to the Fine Art Fair here in town.  Junction City has always been “local and regional” while Fine Art Fair is national.  There is a really big chance I won’t be accepted at one or both of these two fairs.  I am a very tiny fish in that great big pond.


The short version of the above is that you can check out my updated Upcoming Shows page to see a list of most of the fairs I am applying to for the upcoming art fair season. I also included a shot of a new pair of earrings with pretty scrolly bails.