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I have a couple of truly unbelievable items in my kiln right now and since it is hard to photograph things that are glowing hot I thought I would show you these earrings inspired by ocean waves lapping the beach.  They are fine silver box earrings with argentium sterling silver wires and cultured pearls.  You can see them in person at the Art on the Promenade this weekend in East Peoria.  The fair is a new one and is being held from 10 to 5 both days at the new Target complex.  I believe there will be about 40 artists there and I feel honored to be among such fantastic company so come check the fair out and see all of the new stuff going on in that part of East Peoria.  The new clock tower building looks almost finished.




I took some nicer pictures of the Open Box with Flower Necklace today.  The previous shot that I posted was done in a rush and I was not completely satisfied with the quality of the photo.  Today I took this necklace down to the Peoria Art Guild to submit it for the member’s show they will be having starting next week.  The show has an opening reception on the 8th and runs through sometime in August.

I have been doing quite a bit with viking knit over the past few days and I am almost ready to order a whole lot of sterling wire to make a new style of viking knit bracelet and possibly a larger piece.



Leaf and Twig Box with Pearl

Tower Park was lovely.  The weatherman called for cool and breezy with rain. but we got lovely warm sunshine.  It was perfect weather for the fair and also for the race for the cure.  I so enjoyed meeting new people and seeing friendly faces from last year as well.  It certainly is gratifying to see people wearing my work.

I did indeed finish this lovely Leaf and Twig Box with Pearl pendant and am very pleased with it.

The UPS delivery person just left a package on the doorstep with metal clay.  I was pretty much out of metal clay so I am ever so happy to see the package!

Heart Lily Pad Ring

I dearly loved the Lily Pad Ring that I made previously and have decided to embark on a short series of flower and pearl rings as a result.  This ring is the second in that series.  The third ring will be going into the kiln later today.  This ring and the next ring are the result of a design that did not quite work.  The flower I originally made was a bit too large when placed on the heart element.  The blossom dominated and obscured the heart too much.  That blossom is now placed on a very small disk with a cup shape supporting it and acting as an embed point for the fine silver wire shank.

I spent a little time playing with the new camera we just bought.  I took this terrific shot of a pair of earrings I made for a client who purchased a similar necklace.  The new camera is a huge improvement over the old one in just about every way.  It takes much better photos, it boots up in a flash, it has an amazingly easy set of menus that you can navigate with a stylus or your finger on the touch screen you also use to view with during picture taking.  I am in love with this little camera!

I finished some sets of earrings tonight.  The nicest of the bunch is this pair of heart stud earrings with pearls.  These coordinate perfectly with one of the heart box pendants you may remember.  Same leafy texture and multicolor patina.  My husband is figuring out the new camera as I type this so for now I just used the old one rather than decipher where all the proper settings are on the new one.  Still riding a high about Peoria Heights Art Fair.  It is not very far from now.  May 8th.  More details on my upcoming shows page.

I just came home, opened the mail and found my acceptance letter for the Peoria Heights Art Fair (May 8th) which will be held at tower park and along the city streets nearby.  I am quite excited about this fair!

I have been busy making some trinkets, mostly heart shaped earrings with pearls in.  The new camera we just ordered also arrived today so as soon as I read this stuff about how to use the camera…  I will get you some shots of these lovely earrings.

I finished this yesterday and am beaming with joy!  I finished a bunch of other things two but I can only bombard you with so many pictures at once.  I am just about ready for the Montessori Bazaar tomorrow.  This puts me quite far ahead of my usual last minute crunch which is fantastic.  Maybe I can actually get some sleep tonight.  Awesome.

The heart shaped box pendant I mentioned previously is now finished.  I am posting a rough photo of it against a black tee shirt and will post a better shot when I have an opportunity.  I am very excited by this piece and looking forward to showing it off at the ci|creative space event on February 6th.  Just in time for Valentine’s day!

I promised myself I would do two things this new year (in addition to those I posted about previously).  First, I would see projects from start to finish in a more timely fashion, no more piles of greenware pmc that need “something” sitting there for months.  Second, I want to try some more ambitious projects.  To satisfy both promises I am currently building a heart shaped box bead that will have a pearl in the center.  I have made the top and bottom plates, the top plate has a round hole in it with a piece decorating the hole, the bottom is solid with a peg on the non-textured side, which will be the inside of the box and the peg faces the round hole in the top plate.  This peg will have the pearl mounted to it upon completion.  I might have set this aside at this point because I am unsure how the box bead will connect to a chain in order to make it a necklace.  Instead, I have forged ahead and this morning I have made the sides which will separate the two plates.  Next, I intend to adjust them and affix them to the back plate.  If that goes well, the front plate can be attached.  At that point I have to decide if I want to drill holes in the sides to run the chain through or if I want to attach loops or a bail.  I am excited with this piece so far.  I love the look of the separate items.  Here’s hoping the sum will be even greater than the parts!