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I have a couple of truly unbelievable items in my kiln right now and since it is hard to photograph things that are glowing hot I thought I would show you these earrings inspired by ocean waves lapping the beach.  They are fine silver box earrings with argentium sterling silver wires and cultured pearls.  You can see them in person at the Art on the Promenade this weekend in East Peoria.  The fair is a new one and is being held from 10 to 5 both days at the new Target complex.  I believe there will be about 40 artists there and I feel honored to be among such fantastic company so come check the fair out and see all of the new stuff going on in that part of East Peoria.  The new clock tower building looks almost finished.



This weekend is Mother’s Day weekend.  As usual, the Peoria Heights Art Fair is on Saturday along with Race for the Cure.  I hope to see all of you local folks there!  I have some lovely goodies I am in the process of photographing so check back over the next couple of days for that also!

I have applied for a few holiday art fairs.  I am fairly certain I will be doing the One of a Kind Holiday Artisan Market at the Cornerstone Building in downtown Peoria.  This market is Saturday December 4th from 10am to 3pm and will include a lovely silent auction of hand made ornaments to benefit the Susan B. Komen Foundation.  I will be making an ornament for this auction.  This is an ideal event for doing holiday shopping as there will be lots of artists there with some very special items.

This weekend is the Washington Fine Art Festival and since I have this lovely pdf that gives all the details about locating the fair I thought I would toss it up here.  There are even driving directions.


I have been scurrying around like a mad thing finishing up weeks of started jewelry.  This seems to be my way.  Make a few things with every precious tidbit of time.  But make really means start.  Then eventually I start firing things but nothing is ever given its final patina, setting, linkup or what have you until a day or two before I go to a fair.    I would give you some eye candy but my ailing camera chose earlier this week to give up and cross that barrier into the after life.  I have to slow down and look for my warranty stuff and see what I do to send it back.  We got it in the spring.  It has to still be covered.  Well that is a job for next week.

I have made some truly spectacular pieces recently, if I do say so myself.  Two bronze necklaces have the most gorgeous kiln colors, one of them is a wild drum bead and the other is an oval box bead with a stone fired in place.  Also some cute copper earrings with silver flowers and leaves mounted on them.  If you folks do not snap them up I might just keep them for myself!  I am also still finishing a silver rectangular box bead that will have a lapis set in it soon (which probably means 1am tonight!)

Hope to see some of you at Washington Park this weekend.