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This photo is of a triangular box pendant with dangle and hand crafted bail featuring textured rivet like details applied to the pin holding everything together.  I added a nice chain that is not pictured in the photo.  Just finished that bit moments ago.  I am packing things up to take to Junction City tomorrow bright and early.  I hope to see you folks there!  Remember 10am to 4pm both Saturday and Sunday!


Check out the irridescent patina on this pendant.  The whole background of the pendant has oil slick like colors.  It has to be seen in person to be fully comprehended.  This item is entitled amulet for personal growth.  The vines growing up the sides signify growth, the lower end has an earthy texture.  More photos to come later today!

The heart shaped box pendant I mentioned previously is now finished.  I am posting a rough photo of it against a black tee shirt and will post a better shot when I have an opportunity.  I am very excited by this piece and looking forward to showing it off at the ci|creative space event on February 6th.  Just in time for Valentine’s day!