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I updated my gallery and upcoming events pages.  Lakeview Museum Store is currently relinquishing all local artist holdings in preparation of its big move to the Riverfront location.  I will renew this relationship when they reopen in the fall.

I will be at the Moss Avenue Sale on Saturday from 8am to 3pm.  I have been exploring some new techniques recently and am working furiously to finish up a number of pieces in time for this event.  I have been etching hand drawn patterns on copper.  Also, I have made a number of bimetal pieces with steel and bronze.  I am very excited to work on new processes and hope to show you pictures very soon!


Ring number 9 for the Flickr group challenge “Ring a Week” is entitled Floating Blossom ring.  The ring is all fine silver and has a lovely multicolor patina on the face.  I find myself slipping behind a bit on the rings right now due to a maelstrom of personal life issues.  Everything is fine right now though so I will work on catching up next.  The first art fair of my season is this Saturday, the Spring Bloom fair at the Bloomington Sale Barn.  It will be really nice to be inside what with the chilly temperatures of this week.  I have so many things sitting on my bench that should go into the kiln tomorrow or maybe tonight if things go well.  It is very exciting to get back in the swing of doing art fairs again.


I need to spend some time updating my upcoming shows page because I have gotten some further confirmations for more shows.  In brief, I was accepted for the Elmhurst Fine Art Fair show (this is a Chicago area show) and also the Elmwood Strawberry Festival show (this is a small town about a half hour from Peoria, they were decimated by a tornado last year and are very excited to show off how well the rebuilding effort has gone).  But first things first, I need to get back into my studio and put finishing touches on a kiln full of items!

I was pleased as punch with the way this weekend went.  The gardens were such a beautiful setting for art, especially my botanical pieces.  I received a special mention award from the jurors at the event.  I was wowed.  Meanwhile, I took a few shots of new items in the lovely diffuse natural light there.  The necklace in this photo has an iridescent, multicolor patina that somehow looks more simple and monotone in this shot.  I still have so much to learn about photographing jewelry.

I just received these Ellen Dooley beads yesterday.  I absolutely adore them, they are all hand made by her and perfect colors for summer.  Hopefully I can combine them with some of my silver clay jewelry really soon.  If not, they will work quite well with both copper and bronze as I move forward with those metals.  I found out about Ellen because another metal clay artist mentioned her beads.  She has a shop on etsy.

I realized today that it has been ages since I have posted. I usually wait until I have eye candy to post. I started 21 new items this week but none of them are finished. A few made it through their first trip in the kiln. One piece just needs some patina. All the others are at random stages. I fired copper test pieces yesterday and am excited to say that this second brand of copper clay fired as the packaging said it would. So finally no more messing around guessing how to change the firing program for that other brand. Bah and humbug to products that do NOT work reliably. This brand that works is the one I will stick with for a while. I am immersed in learning to make photo polymer plates today to make an order for someone. I also have a pair of copper earrings nearly ready for the kiln. I have made the decision that copper and bronze (and copper/bronze married pieces) will not be debuting at Rhapsody in Bloom since that is now less than a week away and I am still working with tests.

This photo is of a triangular box pendant with dangle and hand crafted bail featuring textured rivet like details applied to the pin holding everything together.  I added a nice chain that is not pictured in the photo.  Just finished that bit moments ago.  I am packing things up to take to Junction City tomorrow bright and early.  I hope to see you folks there!  Remember 10am to 4pm both Saturday and Sunday!

This bracelet has been a work in progress for about a month.  I toyed around teaching myself to fuse fine silver somewhere around a month ago.  At that time I made the big circular links.  Then I wore them as a ring stack for a while because by total happenstance the dowel rod I wrapped the wire around turns out to be a perfect mandrel for making size 6 1/4 rings.  I need to remember that fact for later.  Then I decided the rings would make a good foundation for a bracelet chain.  I made the toggle clasp and then got busy with other things.  About a week ago I decided on the design for the central element, how it could be similar to the clasp, how it would differ and how the reverse would be decorated.  You know how bracelets flip over while you are wearing them?  I wanted this one to be attractive when that happens.  It has 6 teeny blossoms on the back and they sure are charming.  So all that remained was to connect all these bits into a whole.  Nothing like doing the practice run and the for keeps run at the same time, I fused links that joined other links for the very first time on this bracelet.  I messed up 3 of the little links and they are now sitting on my bench in the studio.  Unattractive things at the moment.  I feel sure I can do something with them.  If nothing else I can cut off the globby parts and make smaller links.  That is for another day though.  To finish the story of this bracelet, I decided to give the whole thing a lovely rustic feel, I beat all the rings to harden them, tumbled to shine them up again, and then dipped them in the patina bath.  I removed just enough of the patina to make it look like an old favorite that has been worn alot.  The texture on the metal clay elements really popped.  I am in love with this bracelet!

Frank Sinatra meets 50s style sci fi and the result is a pair of earrings.  Sometimes several ideas collide in my mind like that.  These earrings were an experiment in many ways.  Assembling the pieces was bizarre.  I learned a lot from making them.  I took a host of pictures today and am processing them this evening.

There is now a website devoted to the Junction City Art Fair.   It looks great.  If you want to see samples of art by the participating artists check out the gallery section.  My kiln arrived today, heading down there to finish setting it up and start some test fires.  There is a small pile of earrings and a necklace to fire once those are done.  Then on to bracelets and some tests of copper and bronze clay.

This shindig is seriously the place to be.  Give me a holler with any questions.   I am finishing a bevy of new earrings to show tomorrow night!  If anything is hard to read in the above fler here is a link to the huge and beautiful original.