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Liz Barnes, who helped me at Junction City, took some photos from the first day of the fair.  Here are two of her shots of the booth.


In the wake of the madness of Junction City I am finding a delightful sense of serenity. I met so many wonderful people. The volunteers at the fair were super helpful and nice. The other artists were warm and welcoming. The fair goers were fun to talk to. It was just simply a great experience.

Yesterday I went over to Lakeview Museum to return my jewelry to the case in the gift shop. We went through the group of items we had agreed upon before and found it had seriously dwindled over the weekend!  Together we picked out another set of items including some bracelets and the Amulet for Personal Growth.  One thing I have noticed, Katie from Lakeview always picks out my very most favorite items to place into her case.

Today I selected photos to send off for the Washington Fine Arts Festival jury process. That fair is in August. As soon as I hear back from them I will add it to my calendar.

I do have my work cut out for me in preparation for Rhapsody in Bloom (June 26th and 27th) so I had best get back into my studio and start creating again.

This photo is of a triangular box pendant with dangle and hand crafted bail featuring textured rivet like details applied to the pin holding everything together.  I added a nice chain that is not pictured in the photo.  Just finished that bit moments ago.  I am packing things up to take to Junction City tomorrow bright and early.  I hope to see you folks there!  Remember 10am to 4pm both Saturday and Sunday!

Check out the irridescent patina on this pendant.  The whole background of the pendant has oil slick like colors.  It has to be seen in person to be fully comprehended.  This item is entitled amulet for personal growth.  The vines growing up the sides signify growth, the lower end has an earthy texture.  More photos to come later today!

I have been madly preparing for the Junction City Art Fair which is this Saturday and Sunday (10am to 4pm). Today I finished a bracelet with fused fine silver links. Three necklaces are awaiting chains (arrival scheduled tomorrow according to UPS). I will be photographing tomorrow after the delivery and should post some nice eye candy as soon as I can. I know I also have a plethora of earrings to photograph too!

There is now a website devoted to the Junction City Art Fair.   It looks great.  If you want to see samples of art by the participating artists check out the gallery section.  My kiln arrived today, heading down there to finish setting it up and start some test fires.  There is a small pile of earrings and a necklace to fire once those are done.  Then on to bracelets and some tests of copper and bronze clay.

I am not done with my ear infection problems but maybe I am back up and going.  So far as I can tell you don’t need to be able to hear to make jewelry.  I got all my paperwork in the mail for the Junction City fair.  I should have that sent out tomorrow.  I am so excited about Junction City!  I see in the paperwork that they will be rearranging the layout of the booths to allow more artists and also to improve flow.  Sounds great.  I am checking out my options for the white 10 by 10 tent with sides that I will need.  But the big thing will be making lots and lots more jewelry.  Must get started on this tomorrow.  Tonight is about list making.

I was accepted for the 5th Annual Junction City Art Fair put on by the Peoria Art Guild.  The fair will be held June 5th and 6th at the Junction City Mall.  I am so excited to have been chosen.  I had best starting making lots of new items to show at the fair.   My birthday is on Easter this year and we have a lot planned so this is a very busy weekend.

I submitted my application for the Junction City Art Fair last night.  I am a bit conflicted about many aspects of the application and the fair itself but wanting to try my hand at a juried fair.  This fair is conveniently here in town and limited to artists within 150 miles of Peoria.  But on the down side, the date for the fair is the day my niece gets married.   Also, I am still new enough to photography that I am quite unsure about my photos.  The 5 photos submitted are the best I have done but I have no feel for how they face up to the crowd of other artists’ photos.  Can’t do anything else with it until I hear yes or no on April 1st.  I have posted for you one of the rejects from my many photo shoots.  The problem with this one is the background.  When this photo is viewed at high resolution it takes on this annoying repeating pattern.  Unacceptable photo for that reason but the jewelry came out well.  You can just make out the pattern I am talking about in this size.

Yesterday my husband and I visited the Junction City art fair run by the Peoria Art Guild.  I would love to apply to be juried for this fair next year and wanted to see the vendors and their booths.  One thing to consider is the effect of wind, yesterday was intensely windy and the booths varried in how they responded.  I took lots of notes about tent brands and setups as well as display ideas.  There was one booth with metal clay jewelry there and the woman had both silver and bronze pieces.  I loved several of her pieces.  I felt inspired and so this morning I worked with copper clay for the first time.   I purchased copper and bronze clay in the dry form from Hadar Jacobson not long ago.  I am working on a bracelet with a leaf theme and have decided to make it a mixed metal bracelet.  Right now I have made copper and silver elements.  If the elements all look like a set after they fire you will surely see pictures here.