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Ring number 9 for the Flickr group challenge “Ring a Week” is entitled Floating Blossom ring.  The ring is all fine silver and has a lovely multicolor patina on the face.  I find myself slipping behind a bit on the rings right now due to a maelstrom of personal life issues.  Everything is fine right now though so I will work on catching up next.  The first art fair of my season is this Saturday, the Spring Bloom fair at the Bloomington Sale Barn.  It will be really nice to be inside what with the chilly temperatures of this week.  I have so many things sitting on my bench that should go into the kiln tomorrow or maybe tonight if things go well.  It is very exciting to get back in the swing of doing art fairs again.


I need to spend some time updating my upcoming shows page because I have gotten some further confirmations for more shows.  In brief, I was accepted for the Elmhurst Fine Art Fair show (this is a Chicago area show) and also the Elmwood Strawberry Festival show (this is a small town about a half hour from Peoria, they were decimated by a tornado last year and are very excited to show off how well the rebuilding effort has gone).  But first things first, I need to get back into my studio and put finishing touches on a kiln full of items!


I have updated my upcoming shows page.  I added the 4th Fridays event on the boardwalk at the Junction City Mall.  This year the event will be 4 months long instead of 3.  I understand the event will be bigger in pretty much every way.  There will be artists on all sides of the mall this time and all 4 months will have a car show event tied to it.  I also found out that a photo I submitted has been chosen for use in the advertising of the event!  This is a first for me and I am quite excited.