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Tag Archives: heart jewelry

I have finally succeeded where once I mostly failed. I have fired a copper clay ring with a very thick double heart and an added thickener underneath where I embedded the heavy copper wire shank. The whole thing is properly sintered and I only fired it once! I am so excited to have this working. If the next copper ring fires correctly first try I will feel confident that the changes I made to my firing method are the reason. I have a bit more finishing work to do before I can shoot photos of the heart ring. I should be posting eye candy today or tomorrow at the latest.


I finished some sets of earrings tonight.  The nicest of the bunch is this pair of heart stud earrings with pearls.  These coordinate perfectly with one of the heart box pendants you may remember.  Same leafy texture and multicolor patina.  My husband is figuring out the new camera as I type this so for now I just used the old one rather than decipher where all the proper settings are on the new one.  Still riding a high about Peoria Heights Art Fair.  It is not very far from now.  May 8th.  More details on my upcoming shows page.