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Tag Archives: dogwood jewelry

As many of you already know, I have been making dogwood inspired jewelry for a long while now in honor of the fact that they were a favorite flower of my mother and in making these I honor her memory.  I love doing these and I love the way some of you have connected with the pieces, either because of my story or because you have your own reasons to love dogwoods.  Many of you have shared those with me and it has been a joy and an inspiration.  I noticed however that I have not posted a recent photo of any of them.  So in correcting that omission, here are some recent pieces.



Three dogwoods on a woodgrain backing with a cultured pearl.  This is one of the more elaborate pieces I have done.



This piece has a lovely warm patina and is similar to many that I have hand sculpted.  I have used many different textural elements for the centers, this one is a blossom texture plate.




This is a simple earring design I do with dogwoods that has a radial center and little stem like handles to hold the flowers on the dangle wires.




This pair of earrings is from my hand detailed texture plates.  This one is an oriental dogwood with the pointed petals and is adorned with button cultured pearls and heavily patinated.