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I have been doing some copper etching recently.  A few of my results are shown in this photo.  I used nail polish as a resist and scratched it off where I wanted etching using a scribe.  This method is giving me nice crisp edges to the etched areas.  I am able to etch as deeply as I like because the nail polish is not beginning to loosen anywhere during the process like the paint pens and other ink resists I had tried before.  Mistakes are easy to repair before etching as well.  I love how easy it is to remove the nail polish afterwards too.  The etching bath I used for these is peroxide/muriatic acid.  I love how fast it works.

Tomorrow I will be bringing these earrings and all of my fine silver jewelry to Mackinaw Valley Winery for their Art & Wine Festival Sunday,July 21st , Noon to 6pm, FREE admission.  The winery is at Mackinaw Valley Vineyard and Winery | 33633 State Route 9 | Mackinaw | IL | 61755

25 artist’s booths will be in the new pavilion and the festival will be held rain or shine.
Local car clubs have been invited to display their vehicles.
Wine tasting will be available all day.
The Catering Company will provide food concessions
Ropp Cheese will be serving samples and selling.
Greg Williams will be performing throughout the day.
There will be the sidewalk chalk drawing area for kids and free face painting too.


I recently ran out of silver metal clay.  It seemed like a catastrophe when my order was delayed.  I did some deep breathing exercises and sat down to think about what I could work on with my jewelry making time.  I remembered that back in the spring I had taken a class with Hadar Jacobson and I had been so excited to work with base metals to do some wood grain pieces.  I had to put that to the side due to the fact that summer is my busy time for art fairs and so far I have sold overwhelmingly silver jewelry.  An opportunity presents itself and you can seize it or let it pass by.  I was thinking I could pout about my delayed order and my half finished pieces of silver or I could make something else while I waited for the silver to arrive.  I love the results!  There are of course some photography challenges but I expected that.  I knew that there was zero chance I could photograph them on my mother’s seaman’s chest because of the fact that wood grain in shades of brown will just never show up against dark brown wood.  I am still very much an amateur photographer.  So here they are and please don’t criticize my lack of uniformity.

I am also going to include a shot that is an inlay project I had done ages ago but never put them onto ear wires.  I quite adore them.  I am teetering on the verge of not selling them.  We will see if I do or if I don’t by tomorrow morning!


I will be at the Bishop Hill Clay and Fiber Fest from 10 to 5 both days this weekend so come on out.  There is an ice cream social with pies in the afternoon on Saturday and a soup dinner.  The soup dinner is served in bowls you pick out that were made by the potters exhibiting at this fair.  There is so much more going on at this fair.  There will be loads of demonstrating.  I will be doing viking knit, weavers, potters, broom makers, all creating and answering questions.  It is definitely a unique fair.

I am glad that I began this ring two weeks ago because I have been down with the flu for a few days.  Here is my third ring for the ring a week flickr group.  It was constructed entirely from copper clay.  The band is scallopped and has a vine with leaves and tiny balls adorning it.  The central item is a large heavily textured leaf shape.  This ring is minimally finished.  I buffed off the somewhat strange colored kiln patina using a fine buffing wheel on my dremel.  The patina was sort of a dark purple.  The effect is not a lot different than a liver of sulfur patina so I will leave it.  I am still thinking about making it a little shinier.  I may live with it here on my desk for a few days to decide.  This ring was a learning experience with lot’s of joining and reinforcing.  I am very pleased with the result.  I would make another all copper ring this way again.  This ring also confirms my changes to my firing plan for copper.


I have finally succeeded where once I mostly failed. I have fired a copper clay ring with a very thick double heart and an added thickener underneath where I embedded the heavy copper wire shank. The whole thing is properly sintered and I only fired it once! I am so excited to have this working. If the next copper ring fires correctly first try I will feel confident that the changes I made to my firing method are the reason. I have a bit more finishing work to do before I can shoot photos of the heart ring. I should be posting eye candy today or tomorrow at the latest.

Tonight is the last edition of the 4th Fridays event on the Junction City Boardwalk.  I will be there from 4 to 8pm and the weather today is fab so come on over.  The folks from the Washington Fine Arts Fest were prolific picture takers and I found this shot amongst all their posts on facebook. My booth is to the right of the blue one.  My husband fixed my computer, it was crashing repeatedly.  Looks like its fixed completely now.  Yay.  And to round out this hodgepodge post, I will have lots of things at this fair made from bronze, copper and mixed metals as well as my usual fine silver.

This weekend is the Washington Fine Art Festival and since I have this lovely pdf that gives all the details about locating the fair I thought I would toss it up here.  There are even driving directions.


I have been scurrying around like a mad thing finishing up weeks of started jewelry.  This seems to be my way.  Make a few things with every precious tidbit of time.  But make really means start.  Then eventually I start firing things but nothing is ever given its final patina, setting, linkup or what have you until a day or two before I go to a fair.    I would give you some eye candy but my ailing camera chose earlier this week to give up and cross that barrier into the after life.  I have to slow down and look for my warranty stuff and see what I do to send it back.  We got it in the spring.  It has to still be covered.  Well that is a job for next week.

I have made some truly spectacular pieces recently, if I do say so myself.  Two bronze necklaces have the most gorgeous kiln colors, one of them is a wild drum bead and the other is an oval box bead with a stone fired in place.  Also some cute copper earrings with silver flowers and leaves mounted on them.  If you folks do not snap them up I might just keep them for myself!  I am also still finishing a silver rectangular box bead that will have a lapis set in it soon (which probably means 1am tonight!)

Hope to see some of you at Washington Park this weekend.

This weekend, August 14th and 15th from 10am to 5pm both days is the Washington Fine Arts Festival. I am so busy finishing up some lovelies! Please plan on coming out to see over 100 artists at Washington Park.

I will be at Junction City Mall on the boardwalk from 4 to 8 pm tonight.  I miss my camera!  I made these really great copper and bronze earrings with hand lampworked glass beads, some with raku.  Colorful and summery.  Come see them at Junction City tonight!

There is something wrong with my new camera now.  I have been quiet here on the blog because I cannot get the camera to focus like it used to.  I think we bought it in April or something like that.  During June it started to be sort of flaky at focusing.  Of course there is no true manual focus on it and even if there was my eyesight is probably an issue with that sort of focusing.  I am unsure what to do with it for right now.  I did manage to take a picture of a new pendant I made using copper and bronze.  It has the most fantastic kiln colors and I have done nothing to the surface yet because of it.  The bulk of the piece is bronze with a copper leaf motif.  The method of doing this was to press a very deep impression into a slab of bronze clay using the leaf motif.  After the bronze was leather hard the trenches were filled with copper clay.  There is some sanding back to remove excess copper to reveal the design.  After this point I attached a bail and did some other edge finishing etc.  It was fired in carbon and the beautiful teals came from cooling down inside the carbon filled container.  The copper has picked up some orange to brown color.  There is nice contrast between the two metals this way.  I may buff it down and use baldwin’s patina on it to make the copper dark brown and leave the bronze blonde as there are some spots and whatnot in the kiln colors but the teal is so lovely!  Hard to decide.