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Fine silver and pearl Lily Ring

I have so enjoyed the two lily pad rings I made that I am continuing to explore making more flower and pearl rings.  This ring began as a piece to attach to the heart of the previous ring.  The flower looked too big to suit.  After playing around with a number of ideas I settled on a more simple idea, that of the calix of the flower being the attachment point for the ring shank.  I had previously made the little disk at the base of the flower for another purpose and it happened to be sitting on my bench when I began piecing together this ring.  it looked perfect for the job of supporting the flower.  The construction of the ring is from a series of items.  There is heavy gauge fine silver wire for the shank which is embedded into a slightly cone shaped piece of silver clay.  After the embed clay dries, the fluted disk is attached to the top of the embed pad.  The attachment is reinforced and perfected.  Then the flower, which was already dried on a form, has a hole drilled in the base.  A short length of 20 gauge fine silver wire is bent over at one end.  This wire is sandwiched between the flower and the disk and then travels up through the drilled hole.  A bit of syringe clay is used to anchor the whole affair together.  The joins are reinforced and perfected (in these sorts of tight spaces this is a very dainty task).  After the assembled ring is fired and the finish work is done a pearl is attached to the 20 gauge wire.  The patina on the petals and underside of the flower echos tones in the pearl.

I am preparing for an art fair in Elmhurst Illinois this weekend, the Art in the Park fair at Wilder Park, and am busy as can be finishing up a whole bevy of pieces.  I have another ring to post here on this blog shortly.  This next ring is not a part of the flower and pearl series.  It is a ring that I made ages ago and was not quite satisfied.  I will tell more about that when I post it in a little while.