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This Sunday there is a great art fair at the Cornerstone building downtown.  I will be there with bells on.  There will be 45 artists showcasing a very diverse offering of art.  There will be food available on site.  The Cornerstone is an incredibly beautiful old building with stained glass windows.  So do come out and take a look.


Speakeasy Art Center in Pekin is having a holiday art bazaar on Saturday and Sunday December 4th and 5th from noon to 5pm.  I will be setting up a booth there on Sunday only as I am at the Cornerstone event on Saturday.  I have been making so many goodies to bring to these shows!  You folks need to stop by one of these events and check it all out.  I am also posting the lovely flyer for the Peoria Art Guild event.

I took a little time off to regroup, do paperwork and begin researching new fairs. I have decided to add two fairs to next year for sure. I will be applying for Sugar Creek and Spring Bloom, both are run by the McLean County Art Center folks. I am also spending a bit of time researching cameras as I feel crippled without a working camera. The one I bought in early spring works just fine for random portrait shots but it is marginal to crappy for jewelry photography. Hopefully I can settle on a good camera soon. I have a hard time blogging with no eye candy! Today I went to the Fine Art Fair in downtown Peoria. I got a ton of display ideas to improve my booth for next year. I also enjoyed talking to some artist friends and meeting some new folks. I highly recommend this fair to any of you that are here in Peoria. It goes on tomorrow as well.

Tonight is the last edition of the 4th Fridays event on the Junction City Boardwalk.  I will be there from 4 to 8pm and the weather today is fab so come on over.  The folks from the Washington Fine Arts Fest were prolific picture takers and I found this shot amongst all their posts on facebook. My booth is to the right of the blue one.  My husband fixed my computer, it was crashing repeatedly.  Looks like its fixed completely now.  Yay.  And to round out this hodgepodge post, I will have lots of things at this fair made from bronze, copper and mixed metals as well as my usual fine silver.

I just found out that I was accepted to take part in the 4th Fridays at Junction City.  I am really jazzed about it.  The organizer said they are almost full on artists for July and August and that I am the last jeweler they will accept.  The dates are July 23rd and August 27th from 4 to 8 pm at Junction City.  The days fly by lately without much space for taking a breather.  I have been so busy completing custom orders lately and working towards filling July and August with fairs.  With these Junction City boardwalk events I can  start looking to September for fairs.  Meanwhile I best sketch some of these ideas I have floating around in my head for new jewelry pieces or the ideas will become lost in the sea of other things going on!

Tomorrow is the Peoria Heights Art Fair from 9am to 5pm at Tower Park.  I have put together quite an array of fine silver jewelry to show at the fair so please stop by.  I was very pleased with how this necklace came together.  The wedge shaped box took on a fantastic patina and if I do say so myself is quite well complimented by the small leaf drop and sparkly stone.  The reverse side of the box element has a slightly different texture (shown in the second picture).  I also finished some viking knit bracelets with neat end caps that I designed yesterday.  Pictures of those have to wait as I am flagging now.  See you all tomorrow!

I just came home, opened the mail and found my acceptance letter for the Peoria Heights Art Fair (May 8th) which will be held at tower park and along the city streets nearby.  I am quite excited about this fair!

I have been busy making some trinkets, mostly heart shaped earrings with pearls in.  The new camera we just ordered also arrived today so as soon as I read this stuff about how to use the camera…  I will get you some shots of these lovely earrings.

I submitted my application for the Junction City Art Fair last night.  I am a bit conflicted about many aspects of the application and the fair itself but wanting to try my hand at a juried fair.  This fair is conveniently here in town and limited to artists within 150 miles of Peoria.  But on the down side, the date for the fair is the day my niece gets married.   Also, I am still new enough to photography that I am quite unsure about my photos.  The 5 photos submitted are the best I have done but I have no feel for how they face up to the crowd of other artists’ photos.  Can’t do anything else with it until I hear yes or no on April 1st.  I have posted for you one of the rejects from my many photo shoots.  The problem with this one is the background.  When this photo is viewed at high resolution it takes on this annoying repeating pattern.  Unacceptable photo for that reason but the jewelry came out well.  You can just make out the pattern I am talking about in this size.

These earrings have a texture that looks to me like ripples on sand dunes so I have entitled them Sahara.

Last night my husband and I went through all the pictures either of us has ever taken of my jewelry along with the shots Liz Barnes took.  We shot a bunch of stuff on some different backgrounds.  I still don’t have my head wrapped around it but I do intend to somehow pull this thing together to apply for Junction City Art Fair.  The deadline is next Monday.  No pressure or anything… but I will need to pick 4 great shots of jewelry and then put together a booth in my living room and fake a booth shot by then.  At least I feel ok about my artist’s statement so that is one piece of the puzzle that is already completed.  So there you have it.  My plan for the next few days involves a sort of slow motion slog through photographing like 8 or 10 items I think epitomize what I have been doing lately.  Shots from all kind of angles with all kinds of backgrounds.  Then pick the best of the best as it stands on Monday and click submit.  I suppose it’s normal to feel stressed when doing something for the first time.

I have been accepted to do the fall Fancy Schmancy Flea Market.  This should be the last outdoor fair for me until next spring.  The fair will be Saturday October 17 at the riverfront, where the farmers market is during the summer.  This is a new location for the Fancy Schmancy Flea Market. The Peoria Food Bank will be accepting donations and there will be a silent auction to benefit the food bank as well.

I am also considering doing a November Fancy Schmancy Flea Market which will be held at the Miller Center in Pekin on November 14th.

This post has been extremely edited, the date and location of the October fair have changed and the November fair was unknown to me when I posted previously!