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Tag Archives: art fairs in central illinois

I will be doing two new shows in November so that you can find some lovely hand made, one of a kind gifts this year.  I will be doing the Mistletoe at Metro event on November 22.  The Metro Centre is less than 10 minutes from me so how could I pass that up!  I will also be doing the Walnut Grove Farms Christmas event the three days after Thanksgiving.  Walnut Grove Farms has the most amazing location, it is a barn that is over 100 years old.  You must see this beautiful, rustic place to believe it.  I will be posting some new photos as soon as I have a day with morning sunshine.  It is raining again today.  This is pretty typical for fall I suppose but I am just itching to show you some new enameled earrings I made!



I am putting together pieces to take to the Spring Bloom festival tomorrow and this particular piece stood out as having such incredible patina that I had to run up here and post it.  The pendant is entitled Oceana and is inspired by all the ocean documentaries I have been watching with my son lately.  The original idea came from  a depiction of a prehistoric sea creature but yesterday I noticed that it bears a slight resemblance to cuttlefish.  The multicolor patina this piece took on is very reminiscent of the way cuttlefish communicate with one another.  This is not the only piece that I finished today with this showstopper patina.  You have to see this stuff to believe!