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Many of you have seen and admired the butterflies I have been making.  A customer wondered if I could make a dragonfly and certainly they are beautiful insects that capture our imagination.  I have made three so far.  The photo above is the largest of the three.  I am very pleased with the result.  This is a super busy time for me what with my son being home for the summer and art fair season being in full swing.  I have made so many pieces that have sold before I had a moment to photograph them!  I took a few shots this morning.  Below is another butterfly with a sleek body and head.



  1. I love your pieces, I have always admired your butterflies collections and now the dragonflies too..

  2. Wanted to let you know that the friend I bought a dragonfly pendant for absolutely adores it.

    • I am so glad they love it! Thanks for letting me know.

  3. I will be attending the Washington Art Fair and was wondering if you will have a medium size dragonfly with you? I want to buy one for my daughter-in-law’s birthday. She loves dragonflies and only wears silver. I saw the one you made for my boss, Michele, and I love it. My daughter-in-law will also. What is your price, if I might ask?

    • Hi Dea! I sent you a message via the email listed here with more information about what I will have with me at Washington. As I said there, if the ones I have in stock are not perfect I do custom work. Thanks for your interest in my work!

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