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I recently ran out of silver metal clay.  It seemed like a catastrophe when my order was delayed.  I did some deep breathing exercises and sat down to think about what I could work on with my jewelry making time.  I remembered that back in the spring I had taken a class with Hadar Jacobson and I had been so excited to work with base metals to do some wood grain pieces.  I had to put that to the side due to the fact that summer is my busy time for art fairs and so far I have sold overwhelmingly silver jewelry.  An opportunity presents itself and you can seize it or let it pass by.  I was thinking I could pout about my delayed order and my half finished pieces of silver or I could make something else while I waited for the silver to arrive.  I love the results!  There are of course some photography challenges but I expected that.  I knew that there was zero chance I could photograph them on my mother’s seaman’s chest because of the fact that wood grain in shades of brown will just never show up against dark brown wood.  I am still very much an amateur photographer.  So here they are and please don’t criticize my lack of uniformity.

I am also going to include a shot that is an inlay project I had done ages ago but never put them onto ear wires.  I quite adore them.  I am teetering on the verge of not selling them.  We will see if I do or if I don’t by tomorrow morning!


I will be at the Bishop Hill Clay and Fiber Fest from 10 to 5 both days this weekend so come on out.  There is an ice cream social with pies in the afternoon on Saturday and a soup dinner.  The soup dinner is served in bowls you pick out that were made by the potters exhibiting at this fair.  There is so much more going on at this fair.  There will be loads of demonstrating.  I will be doing viking knit, weavers, potters, broom makers, all creating and answering questions.  It is definitely a unique fair.


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