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This is my 15th ring of the year for the ring a week challenge on Flickr.  I am quite behind at the moment but after this weekend I get a bit of a chance to catch up.  This ring was inspired by the events that surround the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan.  The ring has had lots of time to rest at every stage of creation.  It finally came together yesterday when I had a chance to rivet the pieces together.  I love it dearly.  It contains a bead that was hand lampworked by Ellen Dooley.  The rest of the ring is fine silver.  It is quite comfortable to wear and fits a size 7 nicely.  In this shot perhaps you cannot see the deeply fluted exterior of the bowl the bead nestles into.  It was inspired by the birdbaths and fountains I see in my walks and trips around town here.  The interior of the bowl is textured with my own fingerprints as I loved the look, it reminds me of ripples on water.  The bead cap has a dot pattern that I have used quite a bit and I chose it as it reminds me of foam on waves.  The shank is the earth.

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