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Leaf and Twig Box in greenware state

I am finishing up my preparations for the Peoria Heights Art Fair this Saturday.  The pendant pictured above is unfired and almost ready to go into the kiln.  It gets to take that trip solo as I already fired a whole batch of other things two days ago when this piece was just two leafy pieces.  The hole with the wire jutting up through it is going to be the seat of a lovely pearl.  This piece sees my metal clay stash diminished to about 5 grams.  I made the bail and its stem from clay that had been cut away from other projects and saved.  I keep this package of clay that is labeled “used”  and if I need something that is textured but not a lot else is done with it then it usually works just the same as brand new clay.

I suspect this box will be ready late enough at night that I might not be able to show you pictures before tomorrow morning.  I hope to see some of you tomorrow at Tower Park.  Keep your fingers crossed for weather like we are having right now!


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