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This ring is a box construction with a small bezel set nephrite jade placed on a square element.  The photo above is great except that there is a reflection of something in the stone.  So I am including a second photo to show a bit more of the patina, the side of the ring and it’s texture and that the stone doesn’t actually have some murky white inclusion after all.  This ring is remarkably comfortable to wear.


If I had to do it again I did learn some things about the way the different elements behaved while shrinking in the kiln and I might have attached the element for the bezel differently.  The ring would have had less twisting to correct if I had mounted the element onto the central ring rather than on top of the side walls.  But in fact, correcting the twisting was just a way to focus my energies during finishing.  It did not lengthen the finishing process at all.


We might be getting 6 to 10 inches of snow tonight.  I hope the weather dudes got this one wrong because it will spoil some plans of ours.  I do not want to labor my readers with this next bit but silver is sky high at the moment.  It is 33 dollars a troy ounce.  This may result in a price increase for all my products if it does not immediately plummet back into the mid twenties.  If you had any doubts, this new high price really does make silver the new gold.


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  1. beautiful!

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