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The topic we chose for our first blog carnival is “What was your inspiration for participating in RAW?”

For me, the best purpose for participating in a group is to learn something.  The things I want to learn about by participating in the ring a week challenge include making rings, taking good photos of jewelry, creating better designs.  How I want to go about learning these things involves the obvious, I want to make at least 52 rings.  I want to make rings that incorporate new techniques or use techniques I am already proficient at in a new way.  But there is a less obvious benefit to being part of this group.  Looking at all the rings that every one else is posting can be instructive.  Some folks are posting comments regarding what they learned from making the ring they are posting.  This is quite valuable.  Also, there is this wellspring of ideas floating around inside me.  I have always thought that looking at other creations does not directly influence that font of ideas.  I don’t have the urge to duplicate others’ work at all but I do find inspiration from a collective.  An idea for a new creation can come from seeing a form somewhere, a texture somewhere else, a pretty item in my own collection can help begin coalescing the new idea.  So a new piece can come about through synthesis.

I think to sum up what I have said, I want to learn and grow as an artist by participating in the ring a week challenge.  I believe I already have.  I look forward with excitement to seeing what the next months bring.  I have two rings on my bench that need a bit of finish work.  I should be posting one tomorrow and then another in a couple of days.  One of these rings involved firing a gemstone already embedded in metal clay.  The other ring is a box affair.  Both were enormously instructive.

Please take a look at the posts in the blog carnival made by other fine artists:

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  1. I am loving the RAW challenge!

  2. This is a very creative group, its definitely an idea generating group!

  3. Love reading your post! Tt seems many of use share common goals for the project.

  4. Love your work and also the part about taking better pictures! That is one of those hidden benefits of RAW!!

  5. Your rings are so beautiful. Excited to see what you’re doing next!

  6. I think everyone seems to be learning a lot from the challenge, wheather its from their own mistakes or from rings others have made. I can’t believe how much I have learned and it’s only week 7!

  7. I am loving RAW too!
    Glad to be in your company.

  8. Nice to meet you here on your blog Joan! I’m a little late finishing my visits for the blog carnival but I made it now to every one.

    I like getting to know a little more about you. Your rings are really nice. I especially like your ring with the jade over to the side. See you back on flickr!

    • Catherine, I have read your blog many times and it is very nice to get to meet you as well! Thanks for visiting.

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