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I had my trepidations about hammering a rivet for the first time.  Of course I couldn’t simply rivet something made of copper against something else made of copper.  I never do things the easy way, or the cheap way.  I chose my first rivet ever to be on a fine silver ring with a hand made glass bead in the stack.  I rigged a pretty good way to support the underside of the stack and the bead fit decently on the 12 gauge wire.  The top piece of fine silver fit the rivet post like a glove.  I intentionally made the hole in it smaller than the wire gauge and filed it carefully to the precise right size.  It worked so well.

The result is the completed Egyptian Sky Ring above.  The bead is by Ellen Dooley.  This is not one of her fancier beads.  It has just a gentle swirl of color in a mostly solid opaque bead.  I have others by her with lots more character.  The nearly monochrome bead is just perfect here against the heavy band with deep texture and multicolor patina.  All counted, there are four textures plus smoothness.  So this puts me caught up on Ring a Week.  I have almost caught up on other things that went slack during the whole snowpocalypse thing.  One more good day of hustling really frantically and I should be back on track!


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