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This ring was meant to be ring number 6 but it came together faster than the ring that was started before it.  The idea was to build a small box as a focal with a textured band to match the sides of the box.  This ring has taught me that PMC shrinks unpredictably.  I made the shank two sizes larger than I wanted and the finished ring is about 3 and a half sizes smaller than the original shank as greenware.  On the practical side this means I cannot quite get it on my pinky even after annealing it and beating it down on a mandrel three times.  It also means I lost some of the texture on the inside of the shank during resizing.  I am finding that the conditions that yeild a great photo of surface patina are flaky at best.  I will likely take a whole second batch of pictures of this later on in the day to see if I can capture the patina in the deep swirls on the top of the box.  For whatever reason it looks washed out here.  You can see the brilliant colors really well on the shank though.


I have several ideas for how to improve on this design in order to get the ring size I am aiming for instead of some random size.  I think making more small boxes is definitely a great idea as I love the look of this one.  It also fits in well with my box pendant series.


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