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I have a number of art fair applications on my desk beside me.  Several are for fairs I did last year.  I call those the comfy fit fairs.  I feel confident when I choose pictures and fill out the forms.  They accepted me last year and both my jewelry and my photos are nicer than at this time last year.  the chances of being accepted are darned good!  So I have been thinking about my business and its growth.  I want to stretch a bit each year.  I want to feel less confident about my chances so that I know that getting in to a fair means something.  I want to know that a fair might not have accepted me last year but did this year.  I am truly seeking the “in by the skin of your teeth” experience here.  I want to be the new kid on the block.  I want to stick my foot in the door as it is closing, not because I apply late mind you.  Last year I felt like being accepted to the Junction City art fair was that experience.  Competition was stiff, I knew people who make very nice things that were not accepted.  It was a great fair as well.  They are not holding that fair this year due to construction at the Junction City Mall  So where do I go from here.

I spoke at length to Tom Gross at the PAG holiday fair.  Tom paints great stuff, take a look over at his site.  He recommended some fairs to me.  After much soul searching I have decided to apply to the Elmhurst Museum Art in the Park event in Chicago.  I am also seriously considering appling to the Fine Art Fair here in town.  Junction City has always been “local and regional” while Fine Art Fair is national.  There is a really big chance I won’t be accepted at one or both of these two fairs.  I am a very tiny fish in that great big pond.


The short version of the above is that you can check out my updated Upcoming Shows page to see a list of most of the fairs I am applying to for the upcoming art fair season. I also included a shot of a new pair of earrings with pretty scrolly bails.



  1. I usually wear something of mine — but I LOVE these . . . how much and when am I seeing you again — and I’m the same about art fair stuff — have you checked out submitting to any magazines?

    • I’ll send you the details about these earrings. I have or am applying to 8 different fairs. The only one that has already been juried is Spring Bloom. We can make arrangements.

      I have looked at some magazines. I want to work some more on my photography before I attempt a magazine submission.

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