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Here is my second entry in the Ring a Week Flickr group.  This ring is made from copper clay and 10 gauge copper wire.  The wire was quite hard for me to work with.  I purchased it accidentally a long time ago and have never put it to use.  It is an appropriate gauge for a ring shank.  I am just a weakling.  The ring is entitled Tomboy Heart Ring.  The photograph was taken using the natural light flooding in through my living room window.  Today was a perfect day for photography in that room.  I am quite pleased with the rustic appeal created by the rich brown patina and the bright highlights.


  1. It turned out beautifully. Next time try annealing the 10g wire before you try to bend it. That’s pretty thick to do with your fingers.

    • Thanks Lora. I guess you caught me being impatient. When the wire got stiffened I just went on rather than stop and anneal, clean up and continue. I figure not all the rings actually have to fit me anyway.

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