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I have decided to embark on making one ring a week for the entire year of 2011.  There is a flickr group devoted to the Ring a Week project.  If you are not familiar with this idea, last year a group of jewelers committed to making one ring a day all year.  This group was called Ring a Day (or RAD for short) and has gained quite a bit of notice, Lark is publishing a book highlighting the works and the SNAG conference is (or already did I am not sure) having an exhibit of some of the rings from this project.  I felt this was way more than I could do last year but one a week seems doable.  I have only a little experience making rings so the challenge will be an avenue for growth, both as an artist and as inspiration for other work.  Not to mention how much inspiration one can derive from looking at all the rings other people post.  I posted my first piece to the group and already there are three pages on flickr of rings people have made this week!

Santa rewarded me with a new camera and I have spent the last few days learning about using it.  I have spent some time researching macro photography and product photography as my first photos were not acceptable.  I feel sure I have so much more to learn but here is my first photo using the new camera.  The ring below is posted on flickr and is fine silver.  The shank was made using wire on a finger shaped mandrel.  I adore this shape for a ring shank.  It is sort of like a cushioned square with one side being slightly narrower than the opposite side.  The effect is that it is easier to put on, more comfortable to wear and has less tendency to slide sideways.



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