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Last Saturday was the Peoria Art Guild Holiday show and it was a lovely time.  I enjoyed meeting lots of art lovers and seeing friends from other fairs.  The staff was wonderfully supportive as always.  The weather mostly cooperated, a few patrons of the fair had to dash through some rain.  In light of the weather the next day, Saturday was blissful and idyllic (we had a blizzard on Sunday)!


One of the most rewarding things about doing art fairs for me is when people show up wearing jewelry I made and a few came up to me and pointed out what they were wearing.  Here is a photo taken by one of the Peoria Art Guild staff.  In this shot I am talking to someone who remembered me from the very first art fair I did.  We had a nice time visiting.


In the category of last chances, I will be at Lakeview Museum on Saturday December 18th from 10am to around noon doing some demonstrating.  This is the last public appearance I will be making before Christmas.  If you still need a unique gift, this would be a great time to snag it.


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  1. Joan — It was great seeing everyone Saturday — and what beautiful art everyone had! (in spite of the crappy weather!).

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