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This weekend is the Washington Fine Art Festival and since I have this lovely pdf that gives all the details about locating the fair I thought I would toss it up here.  There are even driving directions.


I have been scurrying around like a mad thing finishing up weeks of started jewelry.  This seems to be my way.  Make a few things with every precious tidbit of time.  But make really means start.  Then eventually I start firing things but nothing is ever given its final patina, setting, linkup or what have you until a day or two before I go to a fair.    I would give you some eye candy but my ailing camera chose earlier this week to give up and cross that barrier into the after life.  I have to slow down and look for my warranty stuff and see what I do to send it back.  We got it in the spring.  It has to still be covered.  Well that is a job for next week.

I have made some truly spectacular pieces recently, if I do say so myself.  Two bronze necklaces have the most gorgeous kiln colors, one of them is a wild drum bead and the other is an oval box bead with a stone fired in place.  Also some cute copper earrings with silver flowers and leaves mounted on them.  If you folks do not snap them up I might just keep them for myself!  I am also still finishing a silver rectangular box bead that will have a lapis set in it soon (which probably means 1am tonight!)

Hope to see some of you at Washington Park this weekend.

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