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There is something wrong with my new camera now.  I have been quiet here on the blog because I cannot get the camera to focus like it used to.  I think we bought it in April or something like that.  During June it started to be sort of flaky at focusing.  Of course there is no true manual focus on it and even if there was my eyesight is probably an issue with that sort of focusing.  I am unsure what to do with it for right now.  I did manage to take a picture of a new pendant I made using copper and bronze.  It has the most fantastic kiln colors and I have done nothing to the surface yet because of it.  The bulk of the piece is bronze with a copper leaf motif.  The method of doing this was to press a very deep impression into a slab of bronze clay using the leaf motif.  After the bronze was leather hard the trenches were filled with copper clay.  There is some sanding back to remove excess copper to reveal the design.  After this point I attached a bail and did some other edge finishing etc.  It was fired in carbon and the beautiful teals came from cooling down inside the carbon filled container.  The copper has picked up some orange to brown color.  There is nice contrast between the two metals this way.  I may buff it down and use baldwin’s patina on it to make the copper dark brown and leave the bronze blonde as there are some spots and whatnot in the kiln colors but the teal is so lovely!  Hard to decide.


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