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I realized today that it has been ages since I have posted. I usually wait until I have eye candy to post. I started 21 new items this week but none of them are finished. A few made it through their first trip in the kiln. One piece just needs some patina. All the others are at random stages. I fired copper test pieces yesterday and am excited to say that this second brand of copper clay fired as the packaging said it would. So finally no more messing around guessing how to change the firing program for that other brand. Bah and humbug to products that do NOT work reliably. This brand that works is the one I will stick with for a while. I am immersed in learning to make photo polymer plates today to make an order for someone. I also have a pair of copper earrings nearly ready for the kiln. I have made the decision that copper and bronze (and copper/bronze married pieces) will not be debuting at Rhapsody in Bloom since that is now less than a week away and I am still working with tests.


  1. Can’t wait to see the copper pieces you are working on. Post some bling. What’s the brand you are having more luck with on the copper clay. I’m looking at kilns now. Would love to play with copper clay to add to my repertoire. (did I spell that right? lol)

    • The brand that is working for me is CopprClay by Metal Adventures. This is not a product endorsement, as in they didn’t pay me or anything. But I had a lot of problems with copper test pieces cracking with the Art Clay Copper. I think I have used up half the packet of Art Clay Copper and only gotten a few good ones. Seeing as BronzClay by Metal Adventures has not cracked, it must not be my method of preparing the test pieces. So that is what motivated my purchase of the CopprClay. Copper bling will have to wait until after this weekend’s Rhapsody in Bloom event at Luthy Botanical Gardens. I have a very busy kiln right now!

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