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This bracelet has been a work in progress for about a month.  I toyed around teaching myself to fuse fine silver somewhere around a month ago.  At that time I made the big circular links.  Then I wore them as a ring stack for a while because by total happenstance the dowel rod I wrapped the wire around turns out to be a perfect mandrel for making size 6 1/4 rings.  I need to remember that fact for later.  Then I decided the rings would make a good foundation for a bracelet chain.  I made the toggle clasp and then got busy with other things.  About a week ago I decided on the design for the central element, how it could be similar to the clasp, how it would differ and how the reverse would be decorated.  You know how bracelets flip over while you are wearing them?  I wanted this one to be attractive when that happens.  It has 6 teeny blossoms on the back and they sure are charming.  So all that remained was to connect all these bits into a whole.  Nothing like doing the practice run and the for keeps run at the same time, I fused links that joined other links for the very first time on this bracelet.  I messed up 3 of the little links and they are now sitting on my bench in the studio.  Unattractive things at the moment.  I feel sure I can do something with them.  If nothing else I can cut off the globby parts and make smaller links.  That is for another day though.  To finish the story of this bracelet, I decided to give the whole thing a lovely rustic feel, I beat all the rings to harden them, tumbled to shine them up again, and then dipped them in the patina bath.  I removed just enough of the patina to make it look like an old favorite that has been worn alot.  The texture on the metal clay elements really popped.  I am in love with this bracelet!


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