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I submitted my application for the Junction City Art Fair last night.  I am a bit conflicted about many aspects of the application and the fair itself but wanting to try my hand at a juried fair.  This fair is conveniently here in town and limited to artists within 150 miles of Peoria.  But on the down side, the date for the fair is the day my niece gets married.   Also, I am still new enough to photography that I am quite unsure about my photos.  The 5 photos submitted are the best I have done but I have no feel for how they face up to the crowd of other artists’ photos.  Can’t do anything else with it until I hear yes or no on April 1st.  I have posted for you one of the rejects from my many photo shoots.  The problem with this one is the background.  When this photo is viewed at high resolution it takes on this annoying repeating pattern.  Unacceptable photo for that reason but the jewelry came out well.  You can just make out the pattern I am talking about in this size.

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