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These earrings have a texture that looks to me like ripples on sand dunes so I have entitled them Sahara.

Last night my husband and I went through all the pictures either of us has ever taken of my jewelry along with the shots Liz Barnes took.  We shot a bunch of stuff on some different backgrounds.  I still don’t have my head wrapped around it but I do intend to somehow pull this thing together to apply for Junction City Art Fair.  The deadline is next Monday.  No pressure or anything… but I will need to pick 4 great shots of jewelry and then put together a booth in my living room and fake a booth shot by then.  At least I feel ok about my artist’s statement so that is one piece of the puzzle that is already completed.  So there you have it.  My plan for the next few days involves a sort of slow motion slog through photographing like 8 or 10 items I think epitomize what I have been doing lately.  Shots from all kind of angles with all kinds of backgrounds.  Then pick the best of the best as it stands on Monday and click submit.  I suppose it’s normal to feel stressed when doing something for the first time.


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