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I ate lunch with Shannon Wald of Anodyne Design today.  She kindly talked me through the process of listing my first pair of earrings on  Listing on etsy has been something I had very high on my goals list and its finally taking shape.  There is a lot still to do and learn, but you must walk before you run and today was definitely a set of steps in the right direction.  We also talked a bit about creativity among other things.  It was a fruitful endeavor.   Shannon makes these nifty cloth items, I recently purchased a business card wallet from her and love it.  You can peruse her lovelies on her etsy.  I particularly like how her banner coordinates between her blog and her etsy shop page.  Both are lovely fabrics.

The item I listed in my brand spanking new etsy shop is a pair of hoop earrings with a leafy vine texture.  I had challenged myself to break out of the mold and try some new things.  I always wear, and therefore make, dangles on french wires so I felt making a pair of hoops would be interesting.  I am pleased with the results.  The earrings were made by firing flat strips of PMC and then forming them on a mandrel and attaching low tarnish wires that I had ball ended.


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