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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Thanks to everyone who came by the Montessori fair it turned out fantastic.  The folks there are already talking about how to make the next one better.  I spent a big chunk of yesterday working on applications to juried fairs for this spring and fall.  I will have to scurry if I am going to complete the flickr group month of earrings challenge started by Vickie Hallmark.  I need to make 3 more pairs of earrings and complete 3 others.  My son is home sick with ear infections again today so there is a very big chance that won’t happen but non the less, I am thinking in terms of making three more pairs of earrings before I start on the necklaces and bracelets I want to make next.


I finished this yesterday and am beaming with joy!  I finished a bunch of other things two but I can only bombard you with so many pictures at once.  I am just about ready for the Montessori Bazaar tomorrow.  This puts me quite far ahead of my usual last minute crunch which is fantastic.  Maybe I can actually get some sleep tonight.  Awesome.

I promised eye candy so here is another photo.  I have the nastiest head cold.  On the bright side of that, while I was adding patina to some pieces today I was totally unable to smell the rotten egg smell from the liver of sulfur solution.  I sort of wish I had more accumulated pieces to patina because I am guessing that by tomorrow I will be able to smell again!  This piece in the photo has iridescent patina.  I find it hard to capture the beauty of that sort of patina in a photograph with my skill level.  There are lots of shades of green and brown with a few flashes of burgundy.  The photo shows this as a dark hunter green with a few brown notes.  So perhaps seeing these in person is in order.  Swing by the Montessori Bazaar this weekend.

The Montessori Children’s House of Peoria is having its annual Spring Bazaar this Saturday starting at 11am and in preparation for that I have been photographing some of my new pieces.  These earrings swing on a U shaped wire that has balls on both ends.  I like the unusual way they move.  I should mention that 25% of the money I take in the day of the Bazaar will be going to the school.  They are raising funds to send the 3rd graders their big trip to St. Louis.

I should be able to provide more eye candy here over the next few days.  I have several more pairs of earrings and a very nice box pendant that I am working with right now and all of it should be ready in time for Saturday’s festivities.

I submitted my application for the Junction City Art Fair last night.  I am a bit conflicted about many aspects of the application and the fair itself but wanting to try my hand at a juried fair.  This fair is conveniently here in town and limited to artists within 150 miles of Peoria.  But on the down side, the date for the fair is the day my niece gets married.   Also, I am still new enough to photography that I am quite unsure about my photos.  The 5 photos submitted are the best I have done but I have no feel for how they face up to the crowd of other artists’ photos.  Can’t do anything else with it until I hear yes or no on April 1st.  I have posted for you one of the rejects from my many photo shoots.  The problem with this one is the background.  When this photo is viewed at high resolution it takes on this annoying repeating pattern.  Unacceptable photo for that reason but the jewelry came out well.  You can just make out the pattern I am talking about in this size.

These earrings have a texture that looks to me like ripples on sand dunes so I have entitled them Sahara.

Last night my husband and I went through all the pictures either of us has ever taken of my jewelry along with the shots Liz Barnes took.  We shot a bunch of stuff on some different backgrounds.  I still don’t have my head wrapped around it but I do intend to somehow pull this thing together to apply for Junction City Art Fair.  The deadline is next Monday.  No pressure or anything… but I will need to pick 4 great shots of jewelry and then put together a booth in my living room and fake a booth shot by then.  At least I feel ok about my artist’s statement so that is one piece of the puzzle that is already completed.  So there you have it.  My plan for the next few days involves a sort of slow motion slog through photographing like 8 or 10 items I think epitomize what I have been doing lately.  Shots from all kind of angles with all kinds of backgrounds.  Then pick the best of the best as it stands on Monday and click submit.  I suppose it’s normal to feel stressed when doing something for the first time.

I am somehow very tired right now but also blissful which is the nicest way to be tired.  Last night’s Elemental Divas party was a wonderful experience.  I met so many great people and spent time with some great friends as well.  Reminds me of the girl scout song…  “make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold”  We definitely want to do another party in the near future.  Yesterday I picked up my jewelry from the Peoria Art Guild Gallery Store.  It felt sad to me to think that lovely space is closing soon.  This gives me a chance to take some better pictures of those pieces though so that is the bright side.  I am preparing to submit pictures for my first juried art show and so I need to take loads of shots.  Expect plenty of eye candy over the next week!

I finished several pairs of earrings over the last few days and let me tell you I am in love with some of them.  Going to post two here.  The fun swirl ones are called the Susanna earrings and the bright shiny leaves are the third in my leaf series.  These turned out particularly well if I do say so myself.  It feels to me that they are the culmination of a set of techniques and styles I have been playing with from the very first pair of earrings I ever made.  There are more lovelies than just these two so please stop by tonight from 5:30 until we aren’t sure when at Erin Robert’s place (3015 N. Delaware, just off Forest Hill near Von Steuben School).  If these earrings are not enough enticement I am in the midst of baking some focaccia with herbed olive oil that is out of this world and I have a lovely bottle of french white tucked into my bag.  The other gals are likewise bringing lots of  goodies!  See you people there.

This shindig is seriously the place to be.  Give me a holler with any questions.   I am finishing a bevy of new earrings to show tomorrow night!  If anything is hard to read in the above fler here is a link to the huge and beautiful original.

I ate lunch with Shannon Wald of Anodyne Design today.  She kindly talked me through the process of listing my first pair of earrings on  Listing on etsy has been something I had very high on my goals list and its finally taking shape.  There is a lot still to do and learn, but you must walk before you run and today was definitely a set of steps in the right direction.  We also talked a bit about creativity among other things.  It was a fruitful endeavor.   Shannon makes these nifty cloth items, I recently purchased a business card wallet from her and love it.  You can peruse her lovelies on her etsy.  I particularly like how her banner coordinates between her blog and her etsy shop page.  Both are lovely fabrics.

The item I listed in my brand spanking new etsy shop is a pair of hoop earrings with a leafy vine texture.  I had challenged myself to break out of the mold and try some new things.  I always wear, and therefore make, dangles on french wires so I felt making a pair of hoops would be interesting.  I am pleased with the results.  The earrings were made by firing flat strips of PMC and then forming them on a mandrel and attaching low tarnish wires that I had ball ended.