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I promised myself I would do two things this new year (in addition to those I posted about previously).  First, I would see projects from start to finish in a more timely fashion, no more piles of greenware pmc that need “something” sitting there for months.  Second, I want to try some more ambitious projects.  To satisfy both promises I am currently building a heart shaped box bead that will have a pearl in the center.  I have made the top and bottom plates, the top plate has a round hole in it with a piece decorating the hole, the bottom is solid with a peg on the non-textured side, which will be the inside of the box and the peg faces the round hole in the top plate.  This peg will have the pearl mounted to it upon completion.  I might have set this aside at this point because I am unsure how the box bead will connect to a chain in order to make it a necklace.  Instead, I have forged ahead and this morning I have made the sides which will separate the two plates.  Next, I intend to adjust them and affix them to the back plate.  If that goes well, the front plate can be attached.  At that point I have to decide if I want to drill holes in the sides to run the chain through or if I want to attach loops or a bail.  I am excited with this piece so far.  I love the look of the separate items.  Here’s hoping the sum will be even greater than the parts!


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