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I added a canopy and a second table for this Fancy Schmancy Flea Market.  The canopy was a blessing and worked out great.  I did find that the sun came in from the side quite strongly in the morning and Liz Barnes in the booth next door lent me a sheet to hang up on the sunny side.  That one sheet was a huge improvement in comfort and viewing pleasure inside the booth.  I set up two tables instead of the one that I had previously, the second table forming an L shape.  I had my jewelry on one of the tables and Karl’s wood puzzles on the other.  My goal between now and the October Fancy Schmancy will definitely be to fill up that second table with jewelry.  Karl had also built 4 displays that each hold a necklace and a pair of earrings.  He built two sets of risers as well and between one set of those and the 4 displays I was in lovely shape.  You can see the basic setup in the picture I am including.




  1. Much Love Joan!

    • back at ya jojo!

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