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One day I felt like making lots of stuff without concern for what it would become later. I made these two teardrops with a wavy diagonal pattern and they stumped me for two weeks. Do I drill a hole in the top? Which side is the top? Or what about (and about 1000 things would happen, I was overwhelmed with possibility). The teardrops are quite small so they need another element. I had some beads and tried to fit some with the teardrops but there was no theme as none of the beads picked up on the wavy diagonal element.

Finally, I found a texture that reminded me of the crinkly paint on old lab equipment. So after having suffered with the “what about” monster for two weeks, I made another element with this second texture and added embellishments like screws on the ends, and discs like hole protectors or rivets at top and bottom. This all was done in less time than it takes to cook dinner. Into the kiln while we ate, and poof the earrings are done. I gave them a brushed finish and burnished the highlights. I might change my mind and oxidize them later but for now they are lovely and bright.


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