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Where does inspiration come from?  Sometimes it comes from simple things.  Not long ago I took a piece of polymer clay and went around the house pressing things into it.  Anything that looked cool I put into a box.  The box has some very ordinary items in it, a few little tubs of pastas in different shapes, rice, a brazil nut, a walnut, an almond, a toothpaste cap, and more of that ilk.  The box also has some oddities in it like a meteorite of my husband’s and a shard of a cuttlefish bone.  If you keep birds in your house you may have had those before because birds like to chew on them.  I am unsure why this one was in our basement in a craft container but there it was.  On the inside of it is a sort of wavy line pattern, while on the outside is a delicate dot pattern which reminds me of sea foam.  I have used almost all of the items I just mentioned to create jewelry so far.  Can you spot the brazil nut patterns?


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